Re-installing the UR-RT2 and driver for Cubase 12

I have the latest version of Cubase 12 running on a desktop i7/3.6 GHz, system with 32-GB mem.

How do you reinstall the UR-RT2 interface? I had problems after I updated to the latest Yamaha Driver ( Sonarworks’ SoundID Reference killed the Yamaha driver. So, I tried to rollback to the Yamaha 2.04 driver. That didn’t work. (even after uninstalling Sound ID Ref. plug) Next I had to uninstall the UR-RT2 from device manager because Microsoft 10.0 sound driver became permanent as the UR-RT2’s driver and I could not delete that driver to install either Yamaha driver again.

After uninstalling the interface, I tried installing the latest version of “Tools for UR-RT2” (Through Run as Admin) but the checkboxes at the install (offering the drivers) were all “dimmed” and I could not select anything.

I’m stumped. I can’t finish my projects and can’t reinstall any UR-RT2 driver to use Cubase and of course can’t finish my schedules projects. Can someone help? I’m stuck! :slightly_frowning_face:

I got the Yamaha latest driver (v2.1.1.1) to work again. But SonarWorks Sound ID Reference plug in for headphones KILLs the v2.1.1.1 driver. So beware…use a prior version (V2.0.4) if you want Sound Id Ref to work. Has anyone else had this problem??? I would love to know!