Hello All,

I wrote to My Steinberg about this problem but apart from the automatic acceptance email, they didn’t bother to reply. I wrote again, twice, but still no response. They were good enough to point out that it may take them 48 hours to respond. I first wrote on the 24th Sept 2012!

I haven’t been able to do without Wavelab lately because of ongoing work but now I’ve completed that and it’s time to sort out the problem. So it’s fingers crossed for the forum which is where I should have come in the first place I think.

I was working on standard montage and wanted to list out the titles of the clips of music so went to “Functions/Create Label Set”. The program presented me with a choice of some kind, I can’t remember the exact wording, I used the finger pointing hand which was made available and clicked either Yes or OK or Accept and it closed Wavelab down. It does the same thing every time I try it.

I don’t suppose it’s a common problem and more likely to be something on my system – though I have used the label facility probably hundreds of times in the past. Anyway, I’m left with the option of uninstalling and re-installing Wavelab but I am worried about getting hung up, as has happened in the past, with dongle keys, passwords and licenses etc etc etc……

Can anyone reassure me that re-installing is relatively straight forward and not likely to cause any hassle? I’d most grateful for any helpful advice.

Thank You,