Re: Is my WL Dongle about to fail? or ????

I get this random message every so often on my Windows 10 Pro computer. I have the latest software for the dongle. I looked this up on line and it said it had to do with the WL dongle.

Here is the message that is displayed: (and then WL crashes.)

Dcom connection to the sysnopos.exe failed. The PC server is unavailable.

Thanks in advance for any information or help.

Maybe that’s a dongle hardware problem. But hard to know. You could try to plugin the dongle to another USB slot.

That could well be a security app interrupting the dongle call. I’ve seen this with another dongle (Weiss) in a previous system.


It can also be the old eLicenser dongle/security key the longer version don’t work reliable!
I had to replace mine with the shorter version, WaveLab and Cubase was working fine but
I tried out the Dorico SE “free” and decided to buy Dorico Elements then I had all kind
of trouble with old eLicenser key but the new one short version no problem!!!
can be worth a try !

regards S-EH