Re loading earlier updates

The current Cubasis Update 1.8.3 is totally unusable. There is severe glitching even when very little data is being processed and I am unable to send the mixes anywhere as the Open With function in mix down now doesn’t work with large files. I have recently installed Auria which with 28 tracks in mix down and many effects and plugins running has never glitch and their open with equivelant function works perfectly. However I still would love to keep using cubasis. Is there any way that I can revert to a previous version say 1.8.1? Any help would be greatly appreciated as otherwise it’s the end of the road for Cubasis!


sorry for your inconvenience, but we can not supply previous versions… this is totally under control from Apple and itunes.

About your performance issues I still hope we can help you, so please provide me with as much info about your setup and a step by step repro and I will investigate for you.


Thanks for your rapid reply! So I am using iOS 8.1.2 iPad 4 with 27.2gb. There are 11gb available and when I mix on Cubasis with every other app closed and the iPad in Airplane Mode there are glitches even with a small number of tracks playing. This gets worse as there is more CPU usage. This has only occurred since the last upgrade although saying that I had a similar problem when I first used Cubasis about a year ago but my first upgrade stopped any problems and I recorded a complete album on it. It was fabulous until this upgrade where I can’t now also transfer mixes anywhere as it won’t export large files. Auria is in so many ways superior but the sonic quality of mixes and ease of use makes the Cubasis worth persevering with. I desperately want to get this sorted. Anything that you can suggest?

Just to add to the above. I have just reloaded Cubasis and starting mixing again. I currently have the Brickwall compressor over the mix and 6 tracks running with reverb on 5 of them and there is glitching. The same stems are in Auria with 28 tracks running and many FX compression etc and no glitching whatsoever. However the Cubasis sound as in the overall sonic size of the mix is better in Cubasis with the same amount of tracks playing in exactly the same configuration. So I want to keep using Cubasis!

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