RE: Mixer / Stereo Question (help?)

Hi folks,

I have had this conversation in the past with a few people but most can not HEAR any difference soundwise. So I thought I would post the question here in the Steinberg forum as I am now looking to buy a new mixer/line-mixer, and obviously I would like to get my query resolved beforehand if possible:

So, on many mixers, if you plug in your synth OUTPUTS (STEREO) into the L and R jacks of INPUTS 1&2 of the SAME channel (they call this a stereo channel), it is supposed to OUTPUT the synth in STEREO. I mean, some desks have some channels with a L&R INPUTS. Typically: 4 x STEREO and 4 x MONO on an 8 x channel desk.

So if you had a SPLIT KEYBOARD PATCH, the LH BASS would come out of the LH speaker, and the RH PIANO would come out of the RH speaker. But this never happens in my experience! Instead, it is required (to achieve the desired true stereo FX) to use (say) CHANNEL #1 for the LH, and CHANNEL #2 for the RH (from the synth). So feed the LH synth into channel 1 and the RH synth into channel 2 of the desk, and then HARD PAN them left and right. Then you get the BASS in the LH and the PIANO in the RH! Hence, an 8 x channel desk really becomes a 4 x channel desk in this sense!

Have anyone found this at all also? I would not say my ears are especially good but I do notice a difference!

As an example, this aural effect is what I get when I plug in the L&R OUTPUTS from a synth into the INPUTS 1&2 of CHANNEL #1 on my YAMAHA MG MIXER. Please see SPEC’s:

Secondly, I was looking at this LINE MIXER on eBay:

and wondered if it would do the above mentioned please? I asked a couple of sellers (who said they were MUSICIANS!) and all they could tell me was that it is 16 x MONO channels! lol

If I plug in the L&R’s of 8 x synths, then do you think this would provide 8 x STEREO channels? Or will it be a case of: the L&R’s of 4 x synths taking up 8 x MONO channels, and having to HARD PAN them accordingly?

I hope that makes some kind of sense! :confused:

Many thanks in advance guys . . .


Paul David Seaman

Hi again,

Just to give a little more insight in to my requirements (or rather lack of!): I don’t need EQ or FX as these will be applied either by my LEXICON MX300 or within CUBASE respectively. I just need a hardware device to allow me to run (say) 4 x keyboards in STEREO on a gig (I will come out of the MIXER L&R and into my 2 x MACKIE POWERED SRM 350 speakers; or to run around (say) 4 x keyboards in STEREO and 3 x MONO (in my amateur home studio) into my CI2+ Steinberg soundcard, and into CUBASE.

On my YAMAHA MG mixer (please see LINK in above post or JPEG below), CHANNEL’s 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 each have a L&R INPUT (situated at the top of the desk and just below the CANON INPUTS). But as previously stated, plugging in the L&R OUTPUT’s from a synth(s) does not really make it STEREO (although it does fatten up the sound some):
And so I wondered (please) if anyone had any experience with this BEHRINGER RX1602 please? They seem to go for less than a hundred quid. It looks like it will do the job at a first glance: