Re-naming confusion...

OK, now that we have Naming Schemes, how does that interact with the previous file output & re-naming options? In the Batch Processor, this is all a little confusing to me: A box to check for re-naming, the previous output dialog with naming presets, and the new naming scheme preset below it…?

BTW, Naming Schemes seem like a great idea!


Naming scheme is a kind of simplified renaming preset. With a renaming preset, you can transform the original name in many ways. The naming scheme is more about “decorating” the name.
If naming scheme are enough for you, then use that only.

OK- so don’t use both together? Or, if there’s a need to, what kind of priority do they have? It’d be nice to integrate at some point, but I’m sure you’ve thought of that.

The renaming preset is executed, then the naming scheme. Both can be used in the same time, but I don’t have in mind an application for this.

Gotcha, thanks.

For me the naming scheme has been great when I’m mastering a single song for somebody and might have a folder with 2 or 3 versions of the same song (just different formats). Since you can’t have the same file name twice in a folder, now I can tell WaveLab to _1644 to the end of the 16-bit/44.1k WAV version and then tell WaveLab to add _2496 to the end of the 24-bit/96k WAV version, and of course this doesn’t end up in the metadata of the file, just the file name.

Also useful for adding _SIDE_A or _SIDE_B etc. for vinyl and cassette pre-masters where the file needs to be one file per side rather than each song as it’s own file. So, you have something like ARTIST_ALBUM_SIDE_A and ARTIST_ALBUM_SIDE_B and all you have to really enter is ARTIST_ALBUM and WaveLab does the rest.

Of course, the numeric prefix is great too for adding 01, 02, 03 to the start of the file names when rendering a WAV or mp3 of an entire album but WaveLab 8.5 could already do this.