Re-naming individual clips


I’ve been struggling with this for a while and can’t find the answer anywhere on-line.

If I separate up an audio file into different pieces using the scissor tool how do I then re-name those individual clips without it affecting the name of every piece of audio on the track?

At the moment I select the audio - go to the info bar - and then type in my new name. But then every piece of audio on that track changes to that name.

For countless reasons it would be incredibly useful to name individual clips of audio differently “good take 1” “funny noise” “replace later” - anything really…

Is it possible in Cubase?


Select one of the event, and Bounce Selection from the Audio menu. In the coming dialog, click to Replace. Done. Now, they are independent.

Don’t spam your audio clips.

Toggle Description field and use it.

It will be different for every clip.

ps: I just checked Cubase 5 and the behavior in Cubase 9 is different. I cubase 5 there is name not file and it could be different for every audio piece.

Yes, use the Description field. If you don’t see this in the status line for the selected event then right click in the status line and tick it to turn it on. Then you can rename clips as in this image.


Brilliant, thanks for your help everyone - “description” has done the job - I wasn’t aware of that before, much appreciated!