Re: Open letter to our customers

Wow! This is extremely encouraging. And a very savvy business decision.

It may even set a new precedent in the DAWdom…

I don’t post much in here but now I have to!
BRILLIANT idea!!! I love it.
That’s what I call REAL customer care.
It’s nice to know you’re listening to users.
Thank you so much.

Steinberg wins! Brilliant business move :slight_smile:


Excellent Move!

DITTO !!! :sunglasses:

ditto also

Excellent! :slight_smile:
(makes a change from… “Tell us want you want, and we’ll tell you how to manage without it” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Maybe a little unfair but did make me laugh :laughing:

Very encouraging and as a recent convert to Cubase makes me happy about my decision. Having gone through most of the current crop of DAWS and been ultimately frustrated, Cubase is a nice fit for me now. Not perfect, but this kind of customer interaction has to be a good thing if followed through.

well done! congratulations for “getting it”!


I would classify that letter as an example of “World Class Customer Support/Communication”. Well done!

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you for valuing our opinions and input.

i will classify their actions as “World Class Customer Support” once they actually fix all the bugs and broken features and make the list and stick to it, not just post something saying how they are dedicated to doing it, ive seen such posts from $teinberg before over the years so i feel its premature to be lavishing them with such praise just yet.

But i look forward to lavishing them with positive words once they stick to their word! im genuinely excited to sing the praises of Cubase to other fellow musicians and how they have turned a new leaf.


Hi Guillermo, Is the ETA of the list still on track for January release? Cheers…

Amen to that - I think there are a load of people jumping the gun here, as it’s only “We’ll make a list and then you can look at it”. I’ve been in many industrial situations where such a tactic has been used, and then the list is deemed as “unworkable”, and filed under B.

I sincerely hope this isn’t the case, although I also think there’s not much need for a list, “fix all the bugs instead of LoopMashWarpMachine 3.0” probably covers it for most pro users on here?

January’s not over until the end of Jan 31. I would expect it around 23:59:59. :wink:

I would indeed like the bugs to be addressed however I am intrigued by this LoopMashWarpMachine 3.0 :sunglasses: