Re-ordering Flows impact page staff positions of other flows?

I have a fairly large project with about 18 players, divided into 22 different Flows. I had noticed that staves had jumped out of place, but just realised that it seems tied to creating a new Flow (which is created at the end (iinm), then moving this new Flow earlier on in the order.

Would there be any remedy to this. Is there a way to “block” the vertical positions of staves on a page?

Many thanks

Staff spacing overrides (where you move the handles of staves/systems up or down in Engrave mode) are tied to the page on which they occur - see the note at the top of the topic here.

The team has already made changes in a recent version to make staff spacing changes more persistent if the bar at the start of the system changes, but not for whole pages.

As much as you can, try to leave moving individual staves until the end of the creative process - and use the vertical spacing settings to get as close as possible to the result you want first.

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And I’ve also just noticed that even when leaving this newly created Flow at the end, in Setup mode, deselecting certain players to not pay in that Flow, makes those sames players staves “jump” in the Flow just before the new one!

Ouch ! I thought each Flow wan an autonomous structure. I’ll keep that in mind.
I end up find-tuning practically each page of each Flow. I’m looking forward to the update!

I couldn’t say whether or not this is planned to change, so please don’t wait for it!

Flows are autonomous, but overrides have to exist somewhere. If you want to share your project, I or someone else might be able to recommend different settings that reduce the amount of overrides you need.

As for staves “jumping” - I suspect removing players causes the page to fall below the threshold for vertical justification, which you can change on the vertical spacing page I linked to in my previous reply. You might also find this session on staff spacing by John Barron useful.

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On this project, I have 4 players at the top of the Score that correspond to “pre-record” staves,. I show some various passages, loops, etc on this, for the conductor etc to see during recording. I reduce these staves to 78%, and they invariably get moved around vertically as some pages are quite tight.

These are the staves that literally “jump”!

I hope Flows can be as autonomous as possible. That’s a really handy feature!

Lillie, could you remind me of a way to send you a file?
Many thanks

You can attach it in a reply here, or send it in a message directly to me. What is it you’d like me to look at?

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It was in reply to your offer to take a look at recommend settings.

In thinking about this more, I would find it really helpful if we were able to block staves, that would turn of any automatic vertical staff spacing. This could be system of page based (per Flow).

Thanks again for your help!

Ah yes, there’s me forgetting what I wrote a few minutes previously! I’m sure someone else from the development team might be able to say more about the technical reasons for why it is the way it is (or you might be able to find comments on it in previous forum threads).

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