Re:playing a midi file via mediabay thru vst track

Hi everyone,
When selecting a midi track in the Mediabay previewer, i want to hear it play via the currently selected vst instrument track. currently, the only way i can hear anything is if i select the “microsoft GS wavetable synth” as the output in the previewer.

I would prefer to hear the output via the currently selected vst instrument track( to give me better inspiration). I have tried the various output options in the previewer output list, including my default soundcard-focusrite scarlett 18i20, but i still hear nothing.

Is it possible to achieve this?

p.s. i know it is possible to drag and drop the midi file onto the track in order to hear it, but i would prefer to cycle thru each of my midi tracks in the previewer whilst sitting on the currently selected vst track.

Thanks in advance.

If you didn’t find an answer this is how I scroll through my midi files in Media Bay… Lets say you have brass midi files open up an instance of Kontakt load a trumpet section then click on kontakt over by the previewer it might say not connected click on that and you should get a drop down menu Kontakt should be visible in that menu…now click on midi file and you should hear it… Hope this helps if you haven’t already sorted it…