Re: Problems printing B4 [Solved - more ore less ...]


I’ve set a score to DIN B4 on Win 10.
When I want to print the score (on a Canon C2025i), the page format says A3 in the print dialog and I have to change it to B4 manually.
When I now print the score, the music doesn’t fit to the page and some elements are cut off.
Any help?

(Btw. printing to PDF results in a correct file. I could print this, but I don’t understand what is going wrong in the print dialog.)

Are you actually printing onto B4 paper, or are you instead printing on to larger A3 paper?

Printing onto B4

My guess would be that for some reason Qt thinks the B4 paper size chosen for your layout is larger (even by a tiny bit) than the B4 paper size reported by your printer. If you choose B4 in the Print mode options panel it should then be the case that provided you have chosen ‘Fit to paper’, the image should be scaled appropriately.

One thing to remember when printing to B-series paper sizes is that there is ISO (DIN) B4 and “Japanese B4”. ISO B is geometrically half-way between two A sizes; Japanese B series is slightly bigger than half. Because most laser printers are designed in Japan (Canon, Ricoh, etc), they tend to use Japanese B sizes.

Make sure there isn’t a mismatch between the size the document is working to and the size the printer is working to.

Did some testing:
Printing B4 onto A3 with a frame (B4) gives me a perfect result for the (ISO) B4 page.

Benwiggy, you are probably right. My Canon printer seems to use JIT B4 instead of ISO B4. The dialog just says B4, so I didn’t realize …
Hopefully there is a way to change the settings for my printer.

Daniel, I was using “fit to paper”. So Dorico probalby tries to fit to JIT B4 in my case.

Thanks for your help!

Another small issue:
Unfolding “Doppelseitiger Druck” in the German version crops the menu on the right side:

After spending some hours to try to convince my printer to use ISO B4 instead of JIS B4, I gave up.
At least setting the scale factor to 97% gives me a result, which is acceptable. I used to like my Canon printer …