Re-record only MIDI CCs

I’m looking to know how to rewrite the CC Expression lines of notes of an instrument without losing the lines or notes already recorded without having to simply delete the lines area I want to rewrite. Thanks.

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You can use the Note Expression Step Input, which is part of the Step Input in Key Editor and ask other MIDI editors.

Theres no way to do this on the fly in Cubase 12?
In this image i show whats happen.


From the screenshot it looks, you are not talking about the Note Expression, but the MIDI CCs.

OK, yes you can override the MIDI CCs without overriding the MIDI Notes. In the Preferences > Record > MIDI > Replace Recording in Editors, enable the Controller options, please.

Ive already do this but not work even i use other midi configs that are in the botton of cubase.
its crasy thing. Its a bug?


Do you record in the editor?

Yup. Let’s say I’m recording a melody with an instrument, violins for example, so if the instrument’s expressiveness isn’t good, I like to re-record only the MIDI CCs. This is the point but it seems that there is something wrong with my recording process. In another DAW like Studio One I can record only midi ccs without erasing or creating another take to paste or overwrite. I think Cubase is different at this point.


My question is, of you record on the editor or in the Project window. How do you trigger the Record, please?

Normally I press the REC button on the transport bar and record in the editor.

Set the MIDI Record Mode at the bottom left of the project window to Replace.

In the Preferences, under Record → MIDI set the Replace Recording in Editors Option to “Controller”.

Double click the MIDI part to make sure that Record in Editor is enabled.

Now, when you hit record, only MIDI CCs will be replaced. New MIDI notes will be recorded in the existing part without replacing existing notes.


Then you don’t record to the editor. The focus switches to the Project window and you record to the Project window. You have to use the Jay Command or any Remote Device

Thanks Martin.