Re-record unreliable

Here are several different issues I’m experiencing randomly using the re-record function and an instrument track with any vsti:

1.When I hit * to re-record it sometimes deletes the whole instrument track not just the take/event. This leaves me having to call up the vst and find the right patch again. If I hit undo to get the vsti back after it is deleted it crashes Cubase. It does the same thing if I use a midi track under the instrument track.
2. First beat of click doesn’t play and I get a 3 count instead of a 4 count. This happens on audio track as well.
3. Click doesn’t play at all. This happens on audio track as well.
4. It doesn’t erase the previous take. This happens on audio track as well.

I do not have problem #1-3 on Cubase 7.5.3. Trashing my preferences did not help.

I have to hit the record button twice for it to work