re register Cubase again

After not opening cubase for a few months, maybe 4, I tried opening it and it wouldn’t let me in. It is taking me through the license registration process AGAIN!! :imp: Every time I don’t get on cubase for a few months it makes me do this and every time it is a pain. Why does it do this. I have no other software that does this. I can understand once, but…? I upgraded from le to Elements 8 and it gave me a new number which I wrote down. My old number let me in but then said it was an outdated number. my new license won’t let me in at all. I live in the US so it is not like there is anyone to call. How do I get this fixed. Please help. Thank you.

Update elicenser. Run maintenance. Is there a valid license showing in there? If not what does it say exactly.

I click the cubase Icon and right away it says "No valid license found program will quit . So my only choice is “start license activation.” I choose this and then a new window appears that says

"soft-elicenser file permissions repair problem.

fixing relevant file permissions failed.

Please try start e-licenser control center by right clicking on its application file and selecting run as… from contextual Menu. Choose a user which had administrative permissions and follow onscreen instructions."

I am not exactly sure what this means but i then go to the elicenser icon on my desktop and right click and the select the administrative permission option. My computer asks me if I want to let this source change settings on my computer. I say yes and nothing really happens. There is still a screen for me to enter my 20 digit code which I enter and get the following message.

" The activation code you entered could not be identified. Please make sure it is entered correctly."

That is every thing I have to share about what I see. My biggest question is why does it do this. I paid for the software and it should be on my hard drive. I am on the same computer I have always been on. I get it the first time, but why does this keep happening. super frustrating and a waste of time. hope this helps you let me what is going on. Thanks.

After starting the elcc as admin. Choose to run maintenance. Your activation code will only ever work once so this is as expected.
And as I said before. Update elicenser software before you do anything else.

Windows 10 update apparently affected my elicenser (as grim stated). I got a link to download the new licenser and my problem got fixed. I still do not understand the whole elicenser system. I guess I can understand it once to get my downloaded cubase running the first time. But once it is on my computer why would I ever need to do this again. I guess I don’t understand the ongoing role and function elicener has even after I have paid for and sucessfully installed and used cubase. Thanks for your help Grim!

Can someone please explain how I can download cubase le for my laptop (which is a dell with no DVD player) - windows 10?
I have a zoom16 and the cubase CD-Rom?