[Re-release] Earthshine

Now that I have a fretless bass, it only makes sense that I re-record basslines for songs where a fretless was originally intended.

The first such re-recording is Earthshine. In addition to the new bassline, I added a hi-pass (120Hz cutoff) to all channels save for the bass and percussion. The result is a lot more clarity to the overall song.

I realize that the lead solo still has some static on it. I know why this happened and will eventually re-record this too.


Thoughts, comments, etc. are welcome.

Sounds good Larry. Nice wide mix. Very relaxing piece :sunglasses:

yes that is nice ,bass sounds great ,i`d just fatten that guitar up, roll the tone back ,add a little drive, put ya jeff beck hat on and hit it.

Very nice. Cool verbs. I like that guitar tone. Bass sounds good. Nice ending!

Thank you all.

I know the guitar is a bit too laid back - it’s intentional. However, your idea is definitely something more along the lines of what I’d do normally. :smiley:

love the fretless, nice warm mix. slide on the guitar was a nice surprise. short n sweet

Aside from the noise on that solo track, I want to re-record it because you can hear that I pressed down too hard on the slide and ended up making contact with the fret bars. It’s a glass slide for warmth (I have a brass one too), but it has a tendency to lose contact with the strings if I’m not careful.

Thanks though for the compliments.