RE: Roland 'Juno 6' Chorus Chip (help?)

Hi folks,

I am having my Roland ‘JUNO 6’ serviced.

About two years ago I came across a thread (but I am not sure which forum site it is from?) regarding the fact that the JUNO has a noisy CHORUS (ie. when engaged, there is a fairly noticeable hiss); I think it was on GearSluz?

Apparently, there is a substitute chip you can use which has been specifically designed to combat this issue. I believe it is the ‘MN3009’? There are such chips on eBay but all of the sellers are in China - and I have been warned by some people that such chips may be substandard.

The ‘SynthParts’ site no longer stocks the JUNO chip:

It would be great if any fellow JUNO dudes can steer me in the right direction please.

Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here . . .


Paul David Seaman (UK)