Re-Routing MIDI CC Messages?

I have a Joystick that sends CC2 for the X axis, CC3 for the Y axis, and CC4 for the Z axis. These 3 parameters are all on the same incoming MIDI port and same channel. I want to change Control Change’s to CC3 for the X axis, CC2 for the Y axis, and CC11 for the Z axis to control specific parameters on my virtual instruments. Is it possible to re-route these cc messages in Nuendo 10? If not, any specific MIDI processing solution, preferably hardware rather than software, that can accomplish this that anyone recommends?


An efficient software solution is to use Midi Translator Pro from Bome Software.

I did use that successfully to translate CC to note on/off and a couple other modifications to integrate an Akai DJ controller as a monitor control box.

You can do simple modifications with it, but more complex ones as well with advanced conditions.

If you want a hardware device, they have the Bome Box. More expensive nevertheless, but gives more connectivity options like Ethernet. Those boxes do have an USB port where you can connect your midi controller or instrument, then use Ethernet for connectivity with a PC.

It does give the same routing capability than Midi Translator Pro.

“Unlimited mappings/splits/scenes/conditional routing and MIDI processing with built-in MIDI Translator Pro engine”