Re-sale wizard

Unfortunately, I am having to sell my Cubase &.5 full version due to health issues. What I need to clarify is this. I started with Cubase Studio 5, then upgraded to Cubase 6, then 7, then 7.5. I know how to remove my details from the e licenser but do I need to include all the DVDs for previous versions, or just the 7.5?


I would suggest supplying all the DVDs, but also burning the 7.5 ISOs to DVD-Rs, just so the buyer has a physical disc.

I’m not sure what you mean by ISOs? Although I’ve bought all these versions, they were always on my ‘to do list’ which I never got around to doing. So when a new upgrade came out, I would decide to get it and promise myself I would finally learn how to use Cubase. But, mainly due to poor health, never did!

I thought it would be simple to sell it on when I saw the resale wizard but I’m not so sure now. I Just hope when I put it on ebay, someone will buy it who knows what they are doing and what they need in order to install it as I can’t offer any advice :frowning:


They are the files you can use to make DVD-Rs (or copy the contents of into separate folders of a 16GB USB drive), as listed under the Cubase 7.5 - Complete Installation heading on the Cubase downloads page. Note that you would need to use a dual-layer DVD-R for DVD-1.

It really is a courtesy for the buyer to give them program discs/usbs, as just having the Cubase licence on a dongle is ALL they need, once you have pointed them at the download page.

Note that if the only program on the eLicenser is Cubase, you will not want to remove it from the dongle, but only disconnect the dongle from your account. The resale wizard will ask the question so it will take the right steps.

Once a buyer installs Cubase, the eLicence Centre will be started, where they can just plug in the dongle, refresh, and register it at Steinberg.

Thanks very much for your help. It really is appreciated!