Re selling Steinberg URF24C

I have just upgraded my UR24C to a UR44C and wish to sell the UR24C. I understand that I have to de register the hardware and know how to do this. The question I have is related to the software that comes bundled with the audio interface.
I initially bought Cubase AI with an instant upgrade to Cubase 11, and installed the UR24C at the same time. I have loaded all the drivers etc for the UR44C which is working fine, I have however not installed the bundled software(Cubase AI and Basic FX Suite) that came with the UR44C as I already have it installed via the UR24C. Can I simply de register the UR24C and sell it on with the unused software that came with the UR44C?
Also on the My Steinberg My Products page the UR44C shows a box underneath that says “Enter Download Access Code”. I’m not sure what this means.
Can anyone help? I have logged this request with Steinberg but they haven’t got back to me.