Re: Stereo out and monitoring - Help please

My audio tracks in record mode, do not come into my stereo out, despite the good routing and monitoring function. With the same routing in monitoring my MIDI tracks go well. I forget something in Cubase 8?

I ask my question differently: Why the audio output of a track is not heard (and seen) in the stereo master output, when you click on the monitoring? And yet it is routed. Even SEND, it sends nothing.

What sound device, direct monitoring or software monitoring? Using control room ? Routing?
A.s.o… Need more information.


  1. Sound device : Lynx AES 16 e + Apogee Rosetta 800
  2. Sofware monitoring (but Cubase run the Card…)
  3. Not Control Room. Default Cubase sends monitoring the output Stereo.
  4. I note that all goes well in midi

I’ve found.

This is to disable direct monitoring in the Device Setup window (at least with my Lynx card). This function poorly explained, concerns a hadware monitoring (before entering the DAW).

Steinberg should write: “External Monitoring”. The better we understand. Writing “Direct monitoring”, both possibilities are there and it said nothing…

So if you activate (clicking) the “Direct Monitoring” it disables the direct monitoring software!

What logic!