Re templates

Dunno if this is interesting to anyone but I keep losing my templates when re installing etc , so I’m doing this…
create template…put cpr file somewhere safe on an outboard disc…when creating new song make a new folder where you keep your songs…copy the cpr to this folder and rename it with the song title,
this seems so much easier to me…you guys are probably already doing this so…sorry if this is old hat!!!

Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Before reinstalling Cubase I always make sure I copy the entire Cubase directory (and some others in my profile which hold important data, like Kontakt, etc…) to a save place so I can later copy back files from there if needed. I keep my songs directory on a separate drive anyway and make a backup after every session. “Better save than sorry” my grandma always used to say? :slight_smile:

Whenever I create a template I always save it as a cpr file like any other project. I have a folder on my project disk named Templates, and each goes into its own sub-folder under that. Since this disk is regularly backed up, I’m not worried about loosing them (well no more than any other project file). This scheme also makes it easy to tweak my templates over time. I keep a list of little changes I want to make to a template. Then every six months or so I’ll edit the cpr with these changes and use that to replace the existing template. Works great.