Re: the new Licensing system

I am interested to know what the thinking is behind the new online based licensing system. What is so wrong about the eLicenser? It has worked successfully for years

Perhaps someone from Steinberg can explain? Was it the system crash that occurred when everyone decided to update to Cubase 11 on the same day that was the factor? If so we are talking about one occurrence in a year! They way round that surely is to have a queuing system

For information about why we have decided to pursue a new licensing system, please read the announcement here. You can also read a long list of frequently asked questions about the new system here.

There are also two very lengthy threads (now closed) that you can read for a great deal more information if you still have an appetite to go deeper.

Concerns about Steinberg Licensing

Cubase 12 is coming in 2022

Because there’s nothing more that can realistically be added to this discussion at this stage, I’m going to close this thread.