RE: Time-limited Pro Tools crossgrade offer

Nice move. Hopefully this brings some new faces into Nuendo (not that I mind anyone’s face currently).

Yep, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Funny that we think like that :wink:

Did I miss something_?

When I first heard about this I thought sure it was a joke. I guess I am the only person thinking this is just ridiculous, and quite frankly believing ones own hype too much…As Pro Tools is adding more features that ppl begged for years and their users are becoming happier, at least those that I interact with… why would anyone take this up.
To be quite honest, if I was offered the reverse I would take it up…
what am I really missing? I don’t see any other board lighting up with news about new Cubase or Nuendo, but I sure do a lot re: Pro Tools 10…

I now feel emboldened to email Halle Berry AND Charlize Theron and tell them they are better off being with me… :slight_smile:


ok. but what does Nuendo offer the non HDX route ppl?

MIDI features? :laughing:


I think there are other “concerns” that are bigger than “hype” etc…

And that’s where the other concern comes in: Timing and Marketing. Steinberg completely sucks at both (at least as far as Nuendo is concerned).

As soon as the boards started buzzing about Avid’s new PT version I told a person I know at Steinberg USA that what they should do is capitalize on the unhappy PT users asap. Let me reiterate the key word here: ASAP.

See how long that took? While Steinberg sat on their azez Avid had time to clarify to the user base their thinking, possibly adjust their pricing, appease the disgruntled customers etc. I think this is too late, which is seemingly systematic in Steinbergs case, and thus totally predictable.

And consider the fact that they post this news on the Nuendo forum! If you go to the Steinberg home page you barely see it. You have to look for it. Rather than having this offer top, front and center on the webpage it’s down right among other news, as if it wasn’t really that important. Do they want to sell new licenses or not? I’d talk about recent examples of “not” but that’d likely be deemed off topic.

See anything on Gearslutz?

Search for “crossgrade” and you get 1 thread with a proper title and 3 posts in it, and posted obviously not by Steinberg.
Search for “nuendo” and you get no proper thread titles.

This is on a forum where the main competitor gets a dedicated section, with over 300 threads, over 16,500 posts, and god knows how many views… where PT users bitched and moaned over the new PT release… No presence… At all…

VERY symptomatic…


Good luck. They’re not my type so at least that’s less competition for you (and I’m a GREAT deal for them!!!)…

yes I agree with most of what you are saying, except:
I don’t think if this was done even on day 2 after pro tools 9 or 10 were announced it would have made a difference… or significant difference, it would have had to be months before.
And yes why put it here? we are all already nuendo users, and I honestly think if I told the pro tools friends I know. they will laugh at me… and I am not willing to put up with that kind of humiliation for SB :laughing:

now onto to finding Halle and Charlize personal email addresses :slight_smile:

Well I did it and I’m a new face here in the Nuendo Forum, although I have been a Cubase user for years.
People can say what they want about the features of different software, I just know I am more comfortable with what Nuendo offers, therefore I can deliver a product to my clients with more confidence, speed and quality. I am glad to be able take advantage of the crossgrade offer.
Nice to be here.

Out of curioisity, isn’t there a cubase to nuendo crossgrade and it isn’t that crossgrade at least as good?

edited to make sense :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you are trying to say there, but I did the PT to Nuendo crossgrade.
There is no Cubase to Nuendo crossgrade, there was one a couple of years ago, but they no longer have it available.

sorry punctuation went on vacation in that post.
but you got what I was asking.
I didn’t realise the cubase to nuendo crossgrade was no longer available…which is kind of ‘odd’

I will purchase PT in the beginning of next year. A few sessions seem to come in which are done in PT, so…

I really hope I can upgrade my old blue M-powered PT LE system, but I fear not. It seems that this is the only device which is not supported for an upgrade. That is little bit sad because I spent 500 bucks 5 years ago to be compatible, it never payed of because all sessions here are coming in Cubase. Now it is that old that I am not compatible again.

I will check that out over at the PT page after XMess.

I don’t think you can upgrade that MBox. I think it’s too old. I have one as well and I was a bit bummed out about that too.

Too bad… AFAIK this box is excluded… Was a bad investment back those days. But I was never aware of a possible upgrade to a full PT native 5 years later :wink: The upgrades are quite cheap, if that box would enable us to take part the old investment would pay off quite fair.

Yup. I got mine from a friend who ended up hating PT LE. I think he’s back on it though. Or maybe logic. Anyways, it would have been nice for me too to get it at a discount.