Re: Upgrading to a new operating system, such as Windows 10

Whilst other companies prepare in advance for the release of a new operating system such as Windows 10, why is the music software recording industry constantly playing catch up?

When I hear a new OS is being released, why is it I automatically think to myself I bet x won’t be ready in time? Sadly I am usually right! For everyday computer users Windows 10 has had excellent feedback so far (I sell computers), it is therefore frustrating to be told that you shouldn’t upgrade at the moment.

Why should we have to accept that we are always one step behind when it comes to running our recording software? Hasn’t the Windows 10 beta been out for long enough? It’s almost if the music software recording industry has only just woken up to Windows 10!


Testing software, Cubase/Nuendo in this instance, on earlier preview versions of the OS probably wouldn’t yield a completely satisfactory result as has happened with Steinberg this time.
I would think they have been testing their software on W10 for a while, but we are where we are at the moment. I’m sure the issues will be ironed out.