RE: Video Playback Issue in N6.0.6

Hi -

I have just imported a QuickTime video of a game I am composing for into N6.0.6. The video plays fine in my QuickTime player in the OS (Win 7 64Bit); however, when importing into Nuendo the video plays back all scrambled. I used the “Get From Video” button in the project setup to ascertain FPS, whcih is 30 fps.

Any help is appreciated. I have to be up and running ASAP.


what’s the exact file format of the file?

Is the “Video quality” in 100% ?

It might be worth trying to transcode the file to DNxHD. This AVID codec is freely available from the AVID website.
I think scrambled video playback can be a result from damaged video files and long gop codecs such as h264, mpeg, wmv and all those popular internet codecs.

Hope it helps.