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Hi folks,

I am currently transcribing a Weather Report tune from their 1980’s ‘Sportin’ Life’ album. The track has some short vocal one-shots (towards the end); stuff like: Hey, Yeah, Yo, Wow, etc - I think it’s Bobby McFerrin.

Anyway, I can’t seem to find anything at all like what I am requiring; something like a 1GB DVD or download in Wav format. Ultimately I want to be able to map (say) 25 different vocal-FX across two octaves of my Nord Electro-6 synthesizer/sampler (ideally to simply be able to drag&drop the Wavs into the Nord Sampler Editor); then I could leave the preset open and trigger any of the hits at random.

I have attached a couple of choruses of the song in which McFerrin is scatting.

It would be great if someone might kindly point me in the right direction . . .


Paul David Seaman (UK)

If you intend to not use the results for commercial use or distribution, you could just snag the vocals from the original source. Or at least in the US, not sure of UK. The full version of Spectral Layers is more than up for the task. I’m not sure exactly how the version that comes with Cubase (Spectral Layers One) is limited in what it can do but suspect it can handle this. There is a trial version available too.

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Hi there Raino,

Many thanks for your response.

The reason why I don’t want to ‘extract’ McFerrin’s vocals from the original CD is because I don’t actually specifically require those precise samples. I mean, I am looking for something in that vein. The pitches and durations of each sample are not needed to be precise. Also, I would like a library of Vocal Wavs to use in other performances of entirely different songs.



Don’t have any recommendations myself. KVR Audio has a database of plug-ins which might be useful in your search.

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Hi Raino,

OK, many thanks for your help. :+1:


I was wondering if this might work?