re VST Connect Performer


I am new to this forum so I apologise in advance if I am in the wrong category / this question has already been answered previously

I live in London and I have a buddy who lives in NEW JERSEY who I collaborate with. We both use a third party DAW.
We just want to connect, talk about our projects and listen to audio from our DAW. I have downloaded the VST Performer to my MAC and the app is recognising my sound card ETC

Is the above going to be possible i.e. without Cubase and sending security keys etc

Very many thanks for your time

Andy King

VST Conect Performer is a standalone app and requires no DAW whatsoever, but it requires Cubase or Nuendo with VST Connect on the other side, sorry. It relies on the Cubase/Nuendo specific Control Room features.

One of you guys needs to run Nuendo or Cubase for VST Performer to work.

Maybe you can try online meeting tools like TeamViewer or something of the kind.