Re: What new Mac for Cubase 6?

I’m on a G5 dual 2 gig machine with 1.5 gigs of RAM. 5 or so years ago it was great with Cubase SX3. I have a MOTU pcix 424 sound card with 2 2408s which has been giving me 16 channels of analog to digital converters. It’s been great, I can either mix on screen inside the box or through my good condition Studio Master 24 channel analog mixer. It is finally time to upgrade to Cubase 6 and reconsider my entire studio. I’ve been a Mac user since forever and my question is, what new Mac do you recommend, what operating system, and what sound card to go with it, and other accessories? I like the 16 channels of analog to digital converters my current sound card has and my Studio Master mixer. Most studios don’t this route, but old school meets new school has been working pretty well for me. I frequently record live drum kit in my studio with 8 mics on it along with bass and guitar, etc. I’ve been out of touch this last few months but now I’m ready for a new computer and sound card and Cubase 6. What are your recommendations and what operating system has the best compatibility?

In the same boat, what did you do?

Maybe he simply read the C6 system Requirements…