Reactivate cubase elements 10 after formatting my computer

I need help reinstalling Cubase Elements 10… I reinstalled Windows and now it won’t let me reactivate the program… I bought it in 2019 and I have the email with all the purchase data and the activation code, but when I reactivate it says that has already been activated and I need a new code… the product appears in my mysteinberg account he elicenser products but I can’t reactivate it… help please

Have you followed these instructions?

Since yesterday I have followed those reactivation steps but it does not give me any new code… I enter my steinberg account then I search for the product my old soft-elicenser appears and then I click on the reactivation button and it does not offer anything

Does it say “There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate”, or does the pop-up window not show up at all when you click the big Reactivate button here? Please disable any Ad blockers or script blockers if no window shows up when you click Reactivate.

I would recommend contacting your local Steinberg distributor about your reactivation issues:

what it says when I reactivate it is to copy and paste the soft elicenser from the elicenser program… after doing it and entering the numerical codes nothing appears… I insist that my product appears on my mysteinberg plus the activation date that was in 2019 and it gives me options to download the installation wizard… I delete it, reinstall it again and it doesn’t even appear in my downloads in the wizard.

I live in Chile here in Latin America and I can’t find a real help support that tells me how to really solve this problem

in my MySteinberg if a Soft-eLicenser appears to reactivate with the activation code and the date when I activated it