Reactivating a license

I’ve reset my computer.
Trying to reactivate my upgraded cubase12 license…
It’s obviously much harder and confusing than it looks. it says it is on my dongle, sure, i see it there but what do i do next…
Can i reactivate? if i can the where do i obtain a reactivation code?
Do i need a code?
Where do i request a code.
Do I need to repurchase CUBASE 12 (That will not happen)
Would it be easier to purchase and change to another D.A.W.

Download Cubase 12 and its content through the Steinberg Download Assistant and then sign-in to your MySteinberg account through the Steinberg Activation Manager. That’s all there is to it.

The Activation Manager runs automatically the first time you start Cubase, if you didn’t sign-in through it manually before.

This is what i get…

Please follow these instructions:

Cool, I’ve got a bit further this time it is activated. Still there is no thumbnail to click on. where do i go from here?

Are you sure Cubase 12 is installed? I believe it should create a shortcut on your desktop by default.

Try clicking the magnifying glass icon on your Windows taskbar and searching for Cubase 12.

No items match my search., it tells me.
is it possible that i may have unintentionally deleted the application when i did my reset on this computer???
I can’t find it anywhere.

Try downloading and installing the Cubase Pro 12.0.40 application through the Steinberg Download Assistant again.


I still get the same message as before, ‘cannot run program’
It shows nothing to download, only to install. I click on install and get the error message as before.

I assume you’ve already followed the support article I linked earlier. Try the following:

Create the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant folder manually.

Run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click the Settings button, change the Download directory to something else.

Click the icon for your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant and change the Target folder, or reset to default.

If you performed a clean reinstall of Windows 11, please download any updates and restart your computer.

I reinstalled windows only a few hours ago with all updates available.
I did all that was asked and i still get this…

You should not set the Target Folder to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant. Please click the down arrow icon and reset that to default:

Also click the Settings button and reset the Download directory too. Try changing the Download directory to something else, such as your regular downloads folder.

By this, I meant that you should go to the C:\Program Files\Steinberg folder and create a new folder called Install Assistant

Fingers crossed it seems to be working., so far.
Thumbnail is up. And im able to install.
Ive destressed, for a little while.
Thank you for being patient and shareing your knowledge and assistance.
I’ll let you knw how it goes.