Reactivation /Essential or not to download Cubase software/program

I reinstalled my windows fresh start, and at the same time removed my old c drive and replaced with a new SSD. I have however copies all program files for c drive, while for my second hard drive, I have copied my audio folders of projects.

I am about to ask to “reactivate” my license through my steinberg account. Noting I previously went to load/open Cubase and was told I could not upgrade license etc. … I am on a eLicense.

Knowing all this now, do I 'need 'to download the cubase program files again from download assistant, is that true. Is that necessary?
Additionally, If so, why (out of curiosity)?

Thanks for anybody’s time and help.

Noting, I am happy to download, and most likely will proceed to do this promptly, it just makes me think why and is that really necessary.

Many thanks,


I don’t think you have to download the whole library (what is the biggest part). The library is stored at your backup C drive.

Download just Cubase application installer and install it, please.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for getting back to me.
I managed to use the reactivation and now cubase elements 11 loads and works.
I do have copies of the database library, so that should not be too problematic.
Take care,

Hi Martin,

I am really struggling to find a way to get my HALion Sonic SE3 as a virtual sound instrument to load as a vst instrument track in Cubase Elements 11.

I have any screen shots you would like me to provide if needed, but know that I have tried clicking the ‘install again’ button in the Steinberg download assistant for both my Cubase 11 AI + Cubase Elements 11 product downloads.

Note I have been using the product find for audio tracks and even using vst plug ins from cubase, and third parties.

The moment I however go to load any VST instrument such as Halion Sonic I always get a (No Vst instrument) this is after I have installed again.

I need exact processes here to get this to work and to avoid me going over and over it again (as I have been doing in my spare time thus far).

Thank you for you help, but in the response could you take into consideration my history is as such .

I obtained UR 12 coupled with access to Cubase 9 AI LE in 2017 or 2018 >>> I then upgraded to Cubase Element 11 a couple of years or so ago. >>>>>> I then reinstalled windows on my pc, and a new SSD hard drive.

I had to “RE-ACTIVATE” the software. So did that, and the reason I outline this history is I am concerned with my potential upgrading to Cubase 12 very soon that I do not want to have issues down the track with files or previous versions getting in the way of functionality. Is something like a preferences folder I have read about likely to affect things if some content/folders have been copied and pasted at some point.

I please need some help with this, and details please in the process advice, not just , ‘‘reinstall the whole thing from scratch’…I need to know what that entails…do I need to "uninstall using windows uninstaller? or anything like that too (as opposed to pressing install again in the steinberg download assistant’.

I don’t know if you know but if you type things into the internet getting a straight answer is a long winded process, and most of the time the answers dont really apply to each individual circumstance.

Please note…my history of purchase

AS it stands I have a elicensed version of Cubase 11 Elements. I have a Hardware UR 12 (with a serial number) and registration with activation on the 02/09/22, along with UR 12 having a serial number and a registration back in 2017.

I know I have the Library manager telling me the items I just download are in the library manager, and I will attach a screen shot of that…

So the question lies in around what would I have to do to make sure the installation ensure there is nothing missing or that there is no conflict with the way the software is reading the vst instrument for HALion Sonic SE3.

What a mission man. It’s been a 24 hour day, and this is not the first time in the last week I have devoted all my time ti research just to correct this issue.

I will attach a post from a user called Sundqjan where he talks about "program data’ and app data being confused. I think at times I have seen crossing over files between those too areas.

I am at my wits end here .

Thanks for you help in advance.



NO VSTi instrument HALnSncSE.png


The last screenshot shows, you have two HALion Sonic SE Instrument Tracks in the project. But I don’t see the Track list.

Hi Martin,
You’re supper quick. Thanks.

I now have access to HALion SE 3.

A second restart helped but not after I went to the download folder and did an install of not just Halion Sonic SE 3. but also a HALion Sonic SE 3 .5.1 Instrument (recommended).

In the time in between I managed to copy all my presets over int the docs>VST 3 preset folder, and now

I have my presets for some drum plug ins, and other related HALion Sonic SE 3 strings ensemble and other things.

I did go through about 15 or so vst sound files and relocate them as well.

I do have some issue with the Groove agent, not to sure what that is but it is telling me missing sound archive, needs to register. It might be similar to the process I went through to the 15 files I need to register through somewhere either library manager or other means.

I tried to click in the area of favourite search paths but it did not seems to work. Are you aware of an approach I can take to also do the groove agent files missing

I will this email to you and just pop back to the downloads and just make sure I did the same for Grove agent as I did for Halion Sonic SE3.

I’ll be in touch, things are getting better.

Hi Martin,
It seems I have got Groove agent to operate as expected now, so it seems all it moving well.
I think in short it was mix up too many file destinations/copying files/ and ultimately having to go through not the full download process, restart, and registration process through library manager. ’

I hope I was not too much of an annoying customer.

My next venture would be looking at going to the Cubase 12 elements (most highly likely). So I have some links on guidance for that from support in Melbourne.

So have a good day.

You may hear from me some time again in the future perhaps.

Regards, ’
P.S…Let me know if there was anything you wanted to check.