Reactivation OEM License in use with UR22 mkII interface

I bought a second-hand Steinberg UR22 MkII Audio Interface and I tried to execute the annexed procedure to use Download Code for a license of Cubase. When I tried to redeeme the download code the system said that the code was already been used. I received from the seller also the access to the account that is connected to the hardware registration, but non license found on self service section. I just have the possibility to download the Cubase AI 9 in My product/Download section. Anyway the installation need the license too.
I suppose that probably my selled installed on his computer but haven’t execute some specific procedure to release the installed code.
Is it possibile that my seller has to recover the license using the eLicense Control Center, to move, for instance, the license to a USB-eLicense device? or is there some other solution?
Can someone help me on this issue, please?
Thank you in advance :grinning:


If the license has been used already, ask your local technical support to provide replacement Download Access Code, please.

An alternate solution would be to log in to mysteinberg and the license should be under the eLicenser-based products section:

If it shows in there and is registered to a soft e-licensor, you just need to use the ‘reactivate’ option to transfer the license to a new ‘soft’ eLicenser that is generated on your computer via the eLicenser control center software.

If it’s registered on a USB e-licenser then ask the seller if they can send it to you, if not you’ll to see what tech support can do.

You can swap the account over to your email and contact details if the soft e-licenser reactivation works.

FYI: From Cubase 12 onwards, licenses sit within the new “Steinberg Licensing” products section.