Reactivation of lost ELicensers

I am having an issue with 2 License Control Devices that we purchased to replace 2 that went missing. I have updated the Control Centre to the latest version and although the workstation recognises the new devices when I run Cubase Essential 4 I get the error message ‘ELicensers contain no valid license for this application’. Do I need new activation codes ? …Help please !!


Those new USB-eLicenser keys will not work because they do not contain any product licenses.

Please login to your MySteinberg account and use the Zero Downtime (ZDT) option to request a Lost License replacement (circle icon to the right of the pencil icon). You will receive an email from with further instructions after you select the ZDT request.

More information can be found on the following page regarding our new Steinberg ZDT system:

Your Cubase Essential 4 license needs to be registered in your MySteinberg account online for you to be able to submit a ZDT request.

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Thanks for your reply

I am a little concerned with the following information:-

Request Steinberg Zero Downtime backup license

If the USB-eLicenser is lost or does not work any more, you can request an Activation Code for a Steinberg Zero Downtime backup license as temporary replacement. With the backup license, you can use your software for 25 operating hours - sufficient to get in touch with Steinberg support to arrange for the replacement of your license(s).

Please note:

Before you use this function, make sure that the USB-eLicenser is really lost or unusable. Requesting the backup license will irrevocably disable the USB-eLicenser!
Did you try to connect the USB-eLicenser to another USB port or computer? By any means, please install the latest eLicenser Control Center! In this way, most USB-eLicenser issues can be easily solved. Further information on troubleshooting can be found here.

Once you have requested the backup license, the USB-eLicenser is irrevocably deactivated!

The 2 new USB-e-licensers have been registered under ‘MySteinberg’ so do I just proceed with requesting ZDT for these. I do not want to be in the situation where the e-Licenser gets deactivated ?



You will not request ZDT for the two new USB-eLicenser keys. Those keys are not working because you do not have replacement licenses for the Cubase Essential licenses. You will request ZDT for the two lost USB-eLicenser keys. The lost USB-eLicenser keys will need to have been registered in order to be eligible for ZDT replacement.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Thank you.