My PC just updated to windows 8.1, I opened cubase 7 elements and it prompted me to enter my activation code, so I entered the correct one (that was emailed to me with my purchase order details), I was then taken to the eLicencer control center.

I’m sure most of you reading know that I need to reactivate my product with a NEW soft eLicenser number.

My simple problem is, no NEW soft eLicenser number has been generated whenever I open the control center.

I’ve been searching on the internet for the past hour and found solutions that have helped others, however, upon trying have not helped me. How can steinberg allow such a simple error to be made, it really is an inconvenience for me as I am ITCHING to make some music but now have to wait to be contacted by support.

Does anyone have any idea of anything I can do? Is there something I am missing? Did I make a mistake?


Try this:

In your My Steinberg account there is a re activation tab. I think this issues a new install number for you to enter.

I want to try it, but before I do I want to know, will deleting Cubase delete my existing projects, plugins etc?

Of course not.