I installed Cubase LE5 with the Elicenser without problems. My computer has broken down and I have to reinstall it in another PC. In My steinberg I can see the license transactions (the activation code and the soft elicenser number) but I need a new softelicenser number for the reactivation. When I install the elicenser in my new computer, the program is empty. Where can I find a new soft elicenser number? Thanks and sorry for my english

exactly the same issue for me please help someone??

I bought a Handy recorder H4n in October.
The recorder itself records well. My problem is with the registration and the activation.
I tried to set this up in October and it worked OK for a while.
Now it gives me the message that it was only registered for 30 days and that has expired.
I tried to re-register it and found that someone else (me) had already done so.
Then I tried with a different email address and it seemed to be OK.
However I still can’t access the program.
Could you please help me to sort this out?

Try installing the latest version of eLCC. If no-go, contact info @ steinberg . de via e-mail and explain the issue.

I got a reply from Steinberg.
Thank you. I’m into the program at last!