Reactivation upgrade from AI to Pro

Hello, I, according to Russian custom, first do it, and then read the instructions, I did this. First activated the license on the dongle, and then installed Cubase. Naturally now I can’t activate it. Those. I work on it, but it is not registered. I still use the Raven MTi touchpad, and since Cubase is not registered, it does not pick it up. Please help me solve this problem. I bought an upgrade from AI, but when trying to do all the actions from the very beginning. A warning appears that the software has already been activated and the activation code cannot be reused.

Hi and welcome,

The correct process is:

  • Transfer Cubase AI liense to the USB-eLicenser.
  • In the eLCC application Enter Activation Code of the upgrade.
  • Cubase AI license should be found on the USB-eLicenser, select it.
  • Download the license.

Now the question is, which step doesn’t work to you?

If you get a message, the Activation Code has been used already, then you either have upgraded it already or you have got already used Activation Code (in this case get in contact with your local technical support, please).

What can you see in the eLCC on the right side now? What license is there?

Thank you, it worked.