Read (Avid) MXF Metadata

It’d be great if Nuendo would be able to read Metadata stored in MXF (audio-)files coming from Avid Media Composer.
Our picture department makes such an effort to include all tracks from the production sound so I don’t even need the Field Recorder Workflow, but then Nuendo can’t read the included metadata :frowning: And the data is actually there – XMedia Recode can read it as well, for example.

That is a long time request, and I know they have looked into this a few times.
As far as I remember, it doesn’t seem to be as easy and simple as one should expect.

Best regards

Thanks for getting back to me. I guess I didn’t search properly, then (or used the wrong keywords).
But good to know that I’m not the only one who’d like that feature. And as always when it’s about open container formats, it’s much more complicated than you’d even like to imagine… :neutral_face:

By long time request, I was merely referring to the betatesters and the people who are involved in the consulting process before new features are build. Or not build. :slight_smile: