Read this before Upgrading

Before you upgrade, I recommend that you go to your Download Assistant and install without buying the software. You’ll have 24h to try it out.

After trying it out for a few hours, here is why I will not upgrade :

1- 90% of my 9.5 sessions crashes including all of my templates - Totally inacceptable
2- Edit Mode does not follow Logical editor nudges - Half working feature
3- HDPI changes nothing on my 4k display 100% - 9.5 looks amazing on my 4k display so is this a placebo, price justifying feature?
4- They offer different prices for different countries without explaining if the differences are sales taxes or import duties. - is it a ripoff?‘’
5- Still no Video Export - they will probably make us pay again for this overdue feature
6- Mixer Snapshots do not take automations into account - Totally useless feature

I have not tried every new feature yet but I’ve seen enough to uninstall avoid the frustration and wait. For the first time in years, I will not upgrade and I’m thinking about switching to a company that makes sure you can load older session when upgrading. Lesson one of Respect your customers 101 rule book.

Do yourself a favor and try before you buy!!!

Hi, your post has made me weary now. thanks. what version would you say I upgrade from a SX 2 licence, I’ve been using Logic & just found my usb licence recently.


  1. Most probably a plug-in issue.

  2. Could you be more specific, please? Could you describe your scenario step-by-step?

  3. On Windows, there is just a limited support of HiDPI so far. We can hope it will continue with the whole support during Cubase 10 live cycle.

  1. Yes sounds like a plug-in issue.
    The problematic plugin(s) can be found by importing just sections of a problematic project into a blank project, until found. Like suggested here:
    When is the next Update coming to v10? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Or just wait for a couple of patches for a smoother experience. :wink:

The thing that gets me is “different prices for different countries” for the same download.

Sorry for the late response. I’ve switches to another DAW but for the sake of progress :

I’ve made logical editor commands to nudge notes and events by frame since I work with pictures and Cubase does not come with small increments nudges that does not snap to grid. The issue is that edit mode does not follow the note, it follows the cursor. And when I create a logical editor command for moving the cursor by 1 frame along with the note by creating 2 logical edits in macro key commands, it does not move at the same value for each. It’s like 1 frame is not equal for a note and for the cursor. The cursor was moving more than the note. Shouldn’t a frame be a frame?

Anyway so many small things that frustrated me made me check out REAPER and I’m very impressed. I’m currently running a DEV version that already has ARA integration with Melodyne and it has fewer bugs than Cubase. I was also sick of it being treated like a second to Nuendo DAW. In REAPER, Edit Mode is stock and is working better, it has video exports, ARA integration, you can render audio directly on the midi track. It also natively supports DNxHD codecs that Steinberg charge me 60$ for, the price of Reaper. I’ve also already found a better way to handle Expression maps (Reaticulate), if I used Expression maps to switch midi channels, it would always revert to channel 1 on stop.

Anyway, there are a bunch of things that Cubase needs to revise and stop adding shinny new features. Concentrate on fixing and improving the ones they already have. It’s a great DAW with so many small but frustrating flaws. It got the better of me.

I’m beginning to understand why there is no demo version. Nobody would want to buy C10 now before they issue a new update with corrected errors.

I was able to try it with the download manager for 24 hours. Maybe it’s because I had 9.5. Anyway it’s was so bad I’ve since switched to REAPER. Had Steinberg released a half decent working upgrade that load 9.5 sessions, I would have paid and never even given REAPER a single thought. I hope they realize how bad this is. Well you know what, now, after using REAPER for a few weeks, Steinberg is going to have to impress me a whole lot for me to come back.

Something bad is happening to Steinberg. We recently had problems with Cubase 9.5.40. They quickly released version 9.5.41, but the incident was.

Actually, that’s only true if you bought a new retail version of Cubase that came with a USB key in the box. Those keys have a 24 hour use-time license for any Steinberg product.

Other users are not seeing this, so one wouldn’t say it’s a universal problem. Probably some incompatibility on the system- as far as cause, one would only know by troubleshooting.

2- Edit Mode does not follow Logical editor nudges - Half working feature

This is probably user error, as discussed in another thread

3- HDPI changes nothing on my 4k display 100% - 9.5 looks amazing on my 4k display so is this a placebo, price justifying feature?

It works, but one should read the knowledgebase article detailing what to expect from it.

It’s always a good idea for people with projects in-progress to wait before buying the integer update.

Just want to add that the routine repeats each year, a trial version is released a month or more after the version hits the market. I like to try new things, and I install updates right away- but I end up not really using it for a while to avoid building up to much bile in my system, so my head doesn’t explode! :astonished:

There is a whole thread about this issue and a lot of users are experiencing the same problem. It’s one of the hottest threads in the issues forums.

Making light of this monster bug only lessens the respect I once had for Steinberg. Blame it on a simple compatibility issue on my end? Maybe you should try taking responsibility for this rushed upgrade that a bunch of people payed for and are still unable to use. An apology would would be too much to ask I presume?

The day I see a Steinberg rep acknowledge an issue without finding some way to avoid confronting it is the day I might consider coming back. I’ve been in the Reaper forums since I switched and I’m getting extraordinary support from the community there. Reading your corporate response only confirms I did the right thing. “One would only know by troubleshooting” your say? Well I hope Steinberg has at least a few people doing just that instead of relying on the paying users doing it for them!

First of all, I’m just a moderator, an external one at that, and not a Steinberg Media Technologies employee.

I read through the thread you linked so I see there are a score of users reporting similar crashes. Obviously, there is some difference in the systems that are crashing, compared to those that are not. The only way to get to the bottom of it by troubleshooting methodically, which the devs are certainly doing. Crashing software is a most urgent type of ‘customer service’ problem. :wink: So let’s talk again after an update comes out that addresses it.

I’m sorry if I’m pointing fingers at the wrong person. My bad. There should be official Steinberg employees in these forums letting us know they are working on this and taking our feedback seriously. Especially in the weeks after a big release.

There are, after all, legal rules when a company that sold a defective product has to fix its error? It can fix the product, return the money, lower the price, etc., but in the mandatory period. Now we do not know anything what and when they fix, unspecified dates, no one answers. Someone disregards the client’s rights.

Well the other versions havent crashed like this. If its a plugin problem they did something between 9.5 and 10 that was not good.

Depends on tons of things… What countries are involved. What laws are cited. What did purchaser agree to when they bought the product over the internet (perhaps even in a different currency). Is the vendor bound by the laws of other countries, etc.