"Read/Write Automation for Selected Tracks On/Off" shortcuts work for unselected tracks too..


Since 9.5, two keyboard shortcuts no longer work well :

  • Read Automation for Selected Tracks On/Off
  • Write Automation for Selected Tracks On/Off

The issue : some unselected tracks’ read / write modes are turned on / off by using these shortcuts.

Please have a look before :

As you can see, only the “Viola dpa” track is selected.
Then I press the key assigned to “Read Automation for Selected Tracks On/Off” and :

Unselected “Violin1 dpa” and “Room c4038” tracks are concerned too :frowning:

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to reproduce it, I just can say it happens with all my medium / big sized projects.


Is it always reproducible with this project? Could you share the project, please? Or does it happen just randomly, and if you disable the R/W and enable again, then it work as expected?

Hi Martin,
Yes, it’s always reproducible with projects concerned. Kind of a ghost selection.
And no, when it has happened one time, it’s always happening.
I just found that even if you select a track which is not eligible to automation (like folder or chord track), the bug happens too.
Here are two projects.
Thank you
ghost selection.zip (359 KB)


Same problem here.