Readout of what VST instrument is missing

I would like to ask for a readout of what instrument is missing. Recently I worked on a lot of older sessions and I encoutered a lot of problems recalling the sessions. The biggest problem is that when you named an Instrument Track “Lead” for example, Cubase only says Instrument “!!!Lead!!!” is missing (when you don’t have it installed any more) and you have no idea which VST it is actually looking for. So please make it possible to know which VST instrument it is actually looking for.


I’ve just recovered from a system disk failure and have only reinstalled my Steinberg stuff, so I’ve got a ton of missing plugins on most (all?) Projects at the moment. However if I open one of those Projects it displays all the missing plug names and can even export the warnings. I take it you don’t see it?


^ As above for me too, I recently swapped drives and had plugins in a different place and received this error when loading a project.

Perhaps @KarlKaos had saved the project after seeing that warning?

I hadn’t thought that saving might inhibit the warnings. So I made a copy of an old Project & opened it which generated the warnings. Then I saved, closed & re-opened it. Still got the warnings.

Ah ok, Thanks for confirming that. When I was recovering projects I was worried about accidentally saving them when closing.

Must’ve been another DAW that removes plugins if they fail to load which has left me with that lasting fear! :slight_smile:

Or an older version of…

I guess we can close this one. My bad, sorry. I feel really stupid now

Ok. I just checked again. I was indeed blind and just didn’t see it among the list of all missing plugins