Reaktor 6 Blacklisted

I know there have been posts on this, but my problem has not been solved through them. I’m using Cubase 9.5 on a mac pro, and Reaktor 6 is now blacklisted. It’s even in the blacklist listed as a 64 bit VST, so I don’t see why it should have a problem. I could click “reenable”, but that seems to be a dangerous move that could cause big problems, and I’m right in the middle of a big film music project with deadline approaching, so too risky. So why is Cubase blacklisting a 64 bit VST? The weird things is that Reaktor 6 FX are available, but the Reaktor instruments are not. Other posts say to uncheck “Open in 32 bit” on the info window for either Cubase or Reaktor, but that check box is not there in either window for me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 21.58.21.png

Seriously, this has happened to nobody else? I reinstalled Reaktor 6 (64 bit), and it was again immediately blacklisted, though Reaktor FX are still accessible. How can a problem like this go completely unnoticed?

I’ve had this happen early on with some legitimate 64 bit plug-ins in C9.0 and maybe the first release of 9.5. This is what I did. I went into Cubase Preferences and trashed the blacklist files, relaunched Cubase and let them rebuild. Here’s the thing: it may not “take” the first time you trash those prefs. I had to repeat the process two or three times before everything that shouldn’t have been blacklisted showed up unblacklisted.

Thanks, Weasel, but I just followed your advice, and no dice. I threw out all the blacklist preferences, it rebuilt them, and the result is exactly the same…Reaktor 6 on blacklist (the only 64 bit vst!) and the Reaktor FX are not. This is really messed up.

I could click “reenable”, but that seems to be a dangerous move that could cause big problems

Have you tried this? At this point, what have you got to lose? Also: does the stand alone version of Reaktor 6 launch on it’s own? I don’t know if this has any bearing on the problem beyond determining if the 64bit standalone launches.

Is there any traffic on the problem in the NI forums?

Well, what I have to lose is a rapidly approaching deadline on a film music project. I’ve read this can block the whole program with problems, but I really need to use Reaktor. It does start as a stand alone. I’ve found some posts in the NI forums, but none address this particular issue. And my log-in there is giving me problems so I can’t post the question.

I’ve read this can block the whole program with problems

Huh? along the way, I’ve hit the reenable button many times with a lot of different plugs and never had anything like that happen. BAsically, it either unblacklists or it doesn’t. BTW, do you have Reaktor 5 resident? Can you use that as a substitute in the meantime?

If reenabling blocks Cubase then you delete the blacklist file again and let it re-blacklist the offending plugin. The prefious version of Reaktor 6 works. Use that version if you don’t want to have to reenable. I believe it’s a Reaktor issue.

Well, I took the plunge and reactivated it, and it worked. I was reluctant, because right on the reenable button, it stated “Reenable at your own risk, may affect stability of program, etc…”, which gave me pause, as I can’t afford any delays so close before a deadline. But it seems to be fine, so thanks all for the advice. All’s well that ends well.