Real Guitar doesn't work well with Nuendo

I did a search regarding a crashing issue I have with Real Guitar 3 causing every iteration of Nuendo from ver. 7 on to crash. I found several threads from other users, mostly from Cubase (also ver. 7 on) with other issues besides crashing (playback freezing, inconsistent performance, etc.). I also found several complaints on the MusicLab Forum, specifically citing crashing.

I was hoping o find that these issues had been resolved, since I was considering trying Real Guitar 6 with Nuendo 12. But I don’t want to waste the money if there’s still a conflict.

Anybody here using Real Guitar with Cubase and/or Nuendo SUCESSFULLY?

Failing that, has anyone tried Wedge Force Matcha? Any conflicts there?


Nobody here is using Real Strat/Guitar 6 or Wedge Force?