Real Jog-Wheel behaviour / Korg nanoKONTROL Studio

I started writing a script for the Korg nanoKONTROL Studio, but got no progress with the Jog Wheel functionality.
I want To set Jog Wheel behaviour in Korg Editor to “Sign/Magnitude Acceleration 1 or 2”.
When turning the Jog Wheel slowly I expect the Playhead to move in the smallest steps of the primary Meter. So movin tickwise for Bar/beat and frame-wise for “TimeCode”. The faster I move the Jog Wheel I expect Scrubbing functionality and with fastest turn speed I expect Fast Forward and Fast Rewind behaviour.
Is there a chance to make this possible?

IF i understand this correctly, you may want to try to bind the jogWheel to a custom variable. Then create another set of 2 custom variables which you’ll bind to the bar/beat and timeCode actions.

Now, upon the mOnProcessValueChange of the initial custom var, you can check the diff (i.e. how much it changed from the previous value).
If this diff is “large” (this diff has to be inspected through testing) you change the value of the second custom var, if not, the value of the third val.

Again, only IF I understood correctly what you want to achieve.

@mchantzi Thanks a lot for having a look into my scenarios. Brilliant to have a sparring partner.
First of all I want to achieve a JogWheel scroll functionality baed on a Sign/Magnitude CC.
See here the Korg nanoKONtROL Studio JogWheel edit. (Like i got accustomed to use it with Mackie derived Hardware till Cubase 10)

This settings identifies 4 magnitudes of Jog-Turn Speed

Clockwise Speed x: MIDI IN [nanoKONTROL Studio CTRL]: B1 52 0x
CounterCW Speed x:MIDI IN [nanoKONTROL Studio CTRL]: B1 52 4x

In case of the Korg nanoKONTROL studio “x” goes from 1 to 6 .

My first target is to have 4 Scroll/Scrub Jog speeds depending on value 2…x…5.
My second target is an exception for x = 1 that it should shift the smallest amount depending on the currently active measure scale. So that it hops 1 Subdivision in Beat Lineal and 1 Frame in TimeCode Lineal.

In the Midi Remote Editor I only found the KeyCommands Jog Right and Jog Left.

Regards, and thanks again.

Are you dealing with this, using the script side of the remote api, or the assistant?

Well in the assistant there seems to be no chance as there is only one JogWheel speed available.
I am currently reading the API documentation to get an idea how JOG wheel is approached there.

I would give the min/max values of the CC a shot. For each action you want, you could try setting Min=Max=yourValue in the controller’s setup and thus generate multiple controls. Never tried this though. (Note: suggestions is for the assisant, in scripting this would be almost trivial to do)

And link these “tempo dependant” Knobs with a certain global MACRO action ?

No, I’ve just noticed that in the assistant you cannot have the same CC twice. Pity.
Anyway, another way would be to transform message before they arrive at Cubase. Does Korg’s controller support something like this maybe?

No, unfortunately not. I could pipe it through Bome-Translator and do a conversion there.
Is there a way at script level to react on midi message level? I’d like to keep the pragmatic patches in the script and do only the “genius” parts in Bmome-Translator.

However, if scripting is not your thing, and since you have BMT, you could simplify this task by combining it with the Assistant.

Well. I do not fear scripting.
Do you have any idea on how I can enforce different Forward and Backward speeds. the mTransport object in the API does not seem to respond to finer adjustment than 00 or 127. ???

Let’s break it down a bit, in terms I can understand (not an advanced Cubase user).
From what I understand you want

  1. one for nudging cursor based on the grid type
  2. another one for jog functionality (I guess this is scrubbing) and
  3. a third one for forward/backward

Is this correct or at least somewhere near on what you want to achieve?

If so, the first commands you need are "Nudge Cursor (Left/Right), the second are "Jog (Left/Right) and the third ones are the “Forward/Rewind”.

Nudging is not what I am after. I’ll write a test script to investigate this further. For now I have a certain fear that I need to embed some other Javascript Lib into the script so that I can repeat some functions based on the frequency of midi events coming in… Thanks for now.