Real sound problem when exporting

Hi guys,

I have been using Cubase Elements for 2 months now. The problem I’m facing was not important until now. I’m almost done with my last composition, however when I export the music (in WAV or MP3, I do both), the volume of “low volume parts” are incredibly louder.

I mean, my music starts with a solo voice, which is quite quiet compared to the rest of the music, then a piano comes in. Both of them have their sound increased by at least 15dB (I must go at -15dB to get something normal).

But when the drums and other instruments add in the song, they are always lowered (well, all instruments are in a kind of “mix” that is not good). Like if Cubase tried to equalize everything.
Any advice to get the same result as what I am hearing when I play it on Cubase ? The exportation kills all the differences in volume. Maybe I forgot something…

I tried to find something to tick or untick, didn’t work. Also looking on internet but I’m not sure if the people get the same problem.

Problem solved : I had “loudness equalization” ticked on ahah.