Real-Time Export giving Disk-Overload Error

The exact error is “A Disk Overload occurred during the export!”. I see this has been an issue in the past, but it’s frustrating that it’s happening with Cubase 10 and an I9-7940x. I’ve finally invested in some Analog mixing gear and didn’t anticipate how much harder it would be to do bounces in real-time rather than not. I do have large sessions I’m exporting, but if I export the audio out my sound card and back into Reaper, it plays the track fine and records the audio in Reaper. I’m not sure why it’s that much more taxing for Cubase to record the master track while playing it back during a bounce.

I tried an old free VST plugin called Voxengo Recorder which works fine to throw on the master track and record. But I often need to bounce things right on the bar and also it’s WAV only - often I bounce rough mixes to mp3. Does anyone know of another VST plugin that records and where you can automate the start and end of the recording?

Or any ideas of how I can avoid the error? If I run my master setting to a group track and then use that as an input on a stereo audio track, it seems to work pretty well. Then I can bounce that.

This is horrible. I’ve tried exporting a project over a dozen times and keep getting this stupid error message… with no possible solution in site. I clicked on this forum post to see if there was anything useful… :man_shrugging:t4:
Have you seen any progress?

So if you are able to play the track live with no issues just set up an audio track to record the main outs. You will need to set no output in routing on that audio track to ‘see’ the main outs as a source. Then record the track. You can also set this loopback track up with an alternative output if you use control room or if you have an interface with many stereo outs and its own external mixer. Hope this helps.
PS this error sucks and I had it happen to me but it has been years ago now. I also found that by starting the realtime export at a different starting point with the locators and/or making sure the playback cursor is positioned at the left locator for the start of the export would sometimes fix the error.

Hi cinematree,

I occasionally have the same issue so what I do is go to Studio/Studio Setup/VST Audio System and click on Reset and then OK and it tends to resolve the issue for me.

Please give it a try because I’m interested to know whether it helps you and other people too?

Kind regards

James Colah

Hi cinematree,

I just had this disk-overload error today on a real-time export (C10.5 Pro) and after much trial and error narrowed it down to vari-audio.

Not sure if you’re using any on your track but this might be helpful for anyone having similar problems.

In my case, there were two lead vocal tracks with Vari-audio active (a few pitch corrections). Steps to fix:

  1. Duplicate any tracks with vari-audio using track versions - this is so you have a backup of the tracks in case you want to go back and edit
    (Track version instructions here:

  2. Select all events containing the vari-audio, then audio > bounce selection. “replace” yes.

  3. Export in realtime! Hopefully without issues.

    If any problems persist, try jamescolah’s tip and reset VST audio system as well, then make sure all vari-audio has been bounced.