Real Time Export In C6 CPU Overload... WTF!!!

Because I do all my compression & equalizing with the Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 I have to export my mixes in real time.

With that said, I’ve had ABSOLUTELY NO luck doing this!!! All I get during the process is “CPU OVERLOAD”!!!

This REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!!! I’m at the Mixing/Mastering stage of a clients project & I’ve been stalling because of this!!! Will there ever be a fix for this & the MANY other issues with C6??? SMH…

Have you tried rendering all tracks that have warping, variaudio or lots of edits before running the mixdown.

What format are you exporting to?

i have the same problem but have a solution for you. Try use buffer setting at 512 and liquid mix setting at 1024. The cpu error is caused by asio overload. Do all the recording in 128 or whatever then raise the buffer while mixing. it should work. If you have liquid mkix in use while low buffer create a snapshot unload liquid and changelthe buffer. Good luck!

@ GRIM - There aren’t any warped tracks & there’s very little editing. All the instrumentation is sound module based. The only live audio are the Rap vocals. As far as formats, either wave 16 bit, 24 bit & mp3 High Quality.

@ MORE COWBELL - I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks!!!