Real time input doubles the notes


Suddenly I had a problem in one project, that in real input note all the notes are doubled. How to solve it?

I attached a sample.
I tried to create a new project and I didn’t encounter this problem, (but I want to continue with my current project). I think it may be caused by the VST instruments configuration (halion sonic se). Please help me!

This is more likely to be an issue with (or a setting on) your keyboard than anything else, I think. What’s your MIDI keyboard?

no. as I wrote previously I opened a new project and I didn’t encounter this issue, so that the problem is not with the keyboard.

If the problem is specific to a single project, it might be instructive to see the project itself. Can you zip it up and attach it here?

In my experience, double noteheads on real-time input is always caused by the “local” setting on your keyboard; can you please double-check that this is switched off on your keyboard?

Thank you, it is attached.
It’s sure it’s not the keyboard, because with the same keyboard without any change I created a new project succesfully.
I work with windows (perhaps it may not be problem with mac).
Mbd (470 KB)

Thanks for providing the project. The issue is caused by the very strange time signatures you have set up in the second flow. If you choose View > Signposts > Time Signatures to show the time signature signposts, you’ll see that every single bar has an irregular time signature. Select the first time signature in the project, then do Shift-Command-A repeatedly until all of those red signposts have been selected, and hit Delete to remove them all. Then re-create the 4/4 time signature at the start of the flow, and you’ll find everything is OK thereafter.

Thank you very much!
But it seems not to be ‘very strange time signatures’ but very strange signposts. Each bar had actually a 4/4 time signature. I didn’t make time signatures changes, so that I don’t understand how these signposts were created. (Of course I’m asking in order not to have the same issue in the future)
And thank you very much again!

Those signposts are, of course, time signatures. I’m not sure how you got them there: perhaps you created the flow via MusicXML import, and there was something screwed up with the time signatures in the original file.