Real Time Peak Freezes

I had bought my Cubase 7.5 since May and can’t even use it to its full potential. This REAL TIME PEAK issue is serious. I’m running a decent PC system system, i tried every possible solution I could think of, changed buffer sizes up and down, but the problem still persists. once I load couple of Instruments and a few plugins effects it’s a wrap, the REAL TIME PEAK goes nuts and start making buzzy noises. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please HELP…

Im running…
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
QuadCore processor 2.67Ghz
6GB Ram

By REAL TIME PEAK I presume you mean the CPU usage level…

Have you:

  • turned off all the power-saving in the BIOS
  • switched on Steinberg Audio Power in Devices menu?

Which plugins are causing the problem? Are they internal or 3rd-party?

There may be unnecessary services running.

It can be a pain chasing this stuff down but you can start here (if you haven’t already)

Thanks Crotchety, i did most of these processes however the 3rd party plugins issue, I’m not sure have giving it much attention, I’ll look into it. Thanx a bunch.

You’re welcome. There is a kb article somewhere about this and plenty of suggestions hereabout if you can find them if this doesn’t work. The main thing is, it’s almost certainly something in your system setup, therefore fixable, so don’t give up. Mine was nightmare at first but rocks along like a trooper these days.

Good luck,