Real-time record quartertones are entered with accidentals


I have my key signature to a custom quarter tone where every A and D are a quartertone lower.

But whenever I play D or A, it places a natural sign next to them! However, when I enter with a mouse or keyboard, the notes are entered correctly without quartertone accidentals.

Is there a way to fix this, please?

No, unfortunately not, because your MIDI keyboard really does input only notes with 12-EDO pitches corresponding to accidentals whose increments are in 1/12 divisions of the octave. Dorico treats the input from your MIDI device as absolute in terms of pitch.

That is OK. I wish we could program Dorico ( in Preference) to enter notes when Scale is quartertone, enter notes according to the key signature in the staff.

 def insert (Note myNote,Duration T, Scale_EDO-24 = True): // overriding staff insert attribute
         d_min= closest note in the scale to myNote
         if myNote.pitch is not in Key & distance(myNote, d) == QUARTERTONE:
             myNote.insert(d, T)

We’ll just copy and paste that code into the program, and that’ll take care of it, then…! :roll_eyes:


What a shame your team didn’t think of that before.

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Apparently they did not think of that they did not implement it! Second, I said I wish! If my wishes can come true so easily, I must be the luckiest person in the world! :upside_down_face:

That is right! please don’t forget to send me a check for that alogn with a tax form. I need it to report it as my first income in 2021! :upside_down_face: