Real-time recording into multiple MIDI channels at the same time

Hello, everyone!
I recently downloaded Dorico for my iPad pro.
I paired the iPad with my slightly older Yamaha HS7 organ (two manuals) with the Yamaha MD-BT01 via Bluetooth. Everything works fine too.
On a midi monitor I am shown that the midi data from the upper manual is sent to channel 1 and the midi data from the lower manual to channel 2. Now I want to record with Dorico so that channel 1 records in treble clef and channel 2 records in bass clef. But unfortunately that doesn’t work.
Can we adjust this someway? Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything in the manual.
Can someone help me?
Sorry for the Google-Translation :wink:

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment: Dorico currently ignores the channel assignments of the incoming notes. However, this is definitely something we’d like to implement in future.

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Thank you for your answer. Then i will wait… :wink: